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Well eventually it had to happen cuz every stoner has one right? Haha. Well enjoy.
1 – Fuck, I am soooo hungry.
2 – “Is it frowned upon out here to eat deodorant?”
3 – Bong hits for Jesus!
4 – “I swear, Stralser knows I’m high you guys.”
5 – Bruh choking from the dank shit.
6 – The Dollar Tree.
7 – The candy aisle inside the Dollar Tree.
10 – The Beatles.
13 – Jesus Christ, I’m still stoned.
14 – Rohto.
15 – I enjoy writing so much better when I’m high.
16 – I wish everything was less expensive.
17 – Fat people depress me.
18 – …And they lived of Crunch And Munch.
19 – Wake and bake.
20 – “Bruh, you should let myself run around in the wheatfields.”
21 – Bic lighters.
22 – Cream and wine cigars.
23 – The Dollar Menu kicks ass.
24 – Some things just make more sense when yer high.
25 – And some things don’t.
32 – Bruh’s jeep smells like old good times.
33 – I don’t trust people who don’t like music.
34 – No one listens to my ideas. Ever.
35 – Fuck. Ing. A.
40 – Erasers and apple juice.
44 – Fresh outta the oven, Sally.
45 – “Whos cookie’s on the floor?”
46 – Cottonmouth of the eyes.

47 – And the lungs.
48 – Fuckin’ cotton lung, man.
49 – Christ Christ Jesus….Christ.
53 – I don’t think you understand what’s going on here. I don’t sell pot. I sell dreams.
54 – Oh yea, and I sell pot.
55 – “Did you drop a cookie?”
62 – It’s colder than Frosty’s dick out here!
63 – I can’t remember the last story I wrote.
64 – I read it over again, too.
65 – Forty-six times.
70 – Friendly fire isn’t friendly. Nope.
77 – Jeez, these drawings are like super fucking amazing.
82 – Away to the mountains we go!
83 – Yer trippin’ balls….man….man….man….man.
84 – Mickey + Minnie.
86 – Too much brain in my head.
87 – Just because I don’t remember shit doesn’t mean I’m dumb.
93 – Exclamation marks are just upside-down birthday candles.
96 – “Oh my god, what if I died cuz I thought I couldn’t swallow anymore?”
98 – Cash that shit.
99 – Prime Time time.
103 – Let’s take a picture.
104 – Together.
105 – In this room.
110 – You got the most straightest face on yer look.
111 – “Did yu bowl good?”
112 – “Yea.”
113 – “No.”
125 – I think this shit was laced.
126 – With flour.

~Live in a high rise condo with an amazing view.
~Attend the Super Bowl live.
~Jump out of a perfectly good airplane.
~Swim in Australian waters.
~Audition to be on TV or in a movie, even if I’m just an extra.
~Throw the house party of all house parties. Supply all the alcohol and invite everyone I know. (June 2009)
~Become skilled with a musical instrument.
~Live in the heart of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or another major city for at least a year.
~Surf a Hawaiian wave.
~Attend The Tonight Show or The Late Show as an audience member.
~Go deep sea fishing and learn to filet and cook my own fish.
~Spend a night pub-hopping in London.
~Take a large amount of money and hit the Blackjack and Craps tables in Las Vegas.
~Embark on a road trip with my 2 best friends. (August 2010)
~Get in great shape and enter some kind of fitness competition.
~Master one particular style of dance.
~Write a book. Even if it’s short and never gets published.
~Drive through a portion of a third world country to gain perspective on what true poverty looks like. (June 2008)
~Go skinny dipping with a huge group of friends in a large body of water under the moonlight.
~Take a shower under a waterfall.
~Spend New Years Eve in Times Square.
~Sleep on the beach under the stars. (August 2010)
~Hit up Oktoberfest in Munich.
~Hit up Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
~Hit up Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
~Experience spring break in all its glory in Cancun, Mexico or Panama City Beach, Florida.
~Catch a ride in a hot air balloon.
~Rent a fast sports car and speed down the Autobahn.
~Switch jobs until I find one I truly enjoy.
~Buy my first house.
~Own a convertible. (June 2010)
~Hike the Grand Canyon.
~Go to college.
~Learn to make one mixed cocktail like a pro bartender.
~Run a marathon.
~Shoot a gun. (August 2014)
~Bare all on a nude beach.
~Master one really cool magic trick.
~Master a few fancy dinner recipes.
~Have my portrait painted.
~Take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the country.
~Spend Christmas on the beach drinking pina coladas.
~Make a hole-in-one.
~Drive a stick shift. (October 2008)
~Make 12+ dollars an hour.(January 2012)
~Make 16+ dollars an hour. (April 2014)
~Make 20+ dollars an hour.
~Write my initials in wet cement.
~Visit every state (more than just its airport). (CA, ID, MT, ND, OR, WA)
~Save someone’s life.
~Ride a bobsled.
~Go to a high school reunion.
~Hold hands with a monkey.
~Learn to play poker.
~Slap someone with a fish.
~Be recognized by some random person on the street for something I have done.
~Learn to blow legit smoke rings. (November 2009)
~Brave a Brazilian wax. (June 2014)
~Graffiti a train car.
~Figure out the meaning of life.
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