The Color Of Hunger

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Gatherings of  modest raindrops make their way across November skies.
Staggering south as the wind blows. Hard.
55 now. Hugging pavement. Between all the lines.
Remains of your reflection loitering in my rear-view.
My eyes begin to leak with curiosity.
A fragile sensation.
Pupils go numb. So stuck on staring at yours. Through yours.
The answers caught beneath the irises. Such pretty irises.
So perfect.
So neat.
Yet who am I to be the judge of that?
I suppose I will never know; I cannot see from the inside-out.
So I remain silent.
Sometimes not being in control is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Mind over matter, fucking with these filthy feelings.
But feeling fucks back.
A witch with a massive, black book of ugly, mean spells.
Cast upon unsuspecting souls.
360’s on the spinal cord.
A spiral staircase of white.
There is no escape.
There is no end.
Creating an attachment, they can’t rush this.
Attachments can’t be rushed.
Links of destruction, sex fueled by Saturday night tendencies.
Too rough, slower please.
Ignorance is a frightening form of inner bliss.
She fights, but he prevails.
Too far gone; trying proves pointless tonight.
Thinking with feet, her strides become clumsy, unbalanced.
He echoes his behind hers, hungry echoes – not to be taken lightly.
The purple sky watches as she stumbles between curiosity and fear,
A valid contestant – this chase a game of lust and rapid heartbeat.
Masking tears in raindrops, she grows impatient.
Where did he go and where am I?
An engine backfires in the distance,
Mechanical noises pierce the evening air.
‘Let’s go!’
A demand, an order, a perpendicular expression of horizontal desire?
Undoing hostility, the poison of persuasion is left pumping through her conscience.
Is he the question or the answer?
Or neither?
Weak at the knees, she forces forward motion despite it all.
He lights his cigarette; dry shaky fingers strike the cold metal wheel.
Challenging her, he penetrates with restless pupils and foaming irises.
The waiting game’s just too easy to cheat,
The rules, too hard to follow.
Bodies move, hands venture,
The most fun she could ever have without laughing.
Foggy windows began to cry as warmth is born.
Reality begins to fade back in,
Awake, senses heightening, introducing Normality The Antagonist.
She’s aware of surroundings now, but before was way better.
Maybe he’ll return, jog backwards, and come get her.

Cruisin’ 40’s minus a care,
Life is good when a truth masks a dare.
Round and round on an endless track,
Staring onlookers don’t ever look back.
Plague the spectators and rob them of money,
The humor’s not worth it if you don’t find it funny.
Snuggling up to confusion won’t help you a bit,
You mind the rest of it, I’ve got the tip.
Walk this way my young ruthless fellow,
Sparks of orange linger and shades dip to yellow.
Grasping air to keep with the faith,
I swallow too harshly; too bad it’s too late.
Peeling layers, tempt me, tempt me,
Ship me crooks until they get me.
I won’t leave here, no I won’t,
Repeat the doubles to kill the notes.
Worthy shadows, keep them coming,
Axe down the stems, the flowers are budding.
Pull me closer, man with power,
Memories gratify, then switch to sour.

Her eyes dance with passion, crosswords in the rain,
Shifting her body, it’s all just the same,
In out goes the water, it’s beginning to flood,
She tugs at her drawstring and pulls down her hood.
This feeling’s unforgiving, the pain she indures,
Secrets are just whispers, she wants so much more,
Trapped in a timeframe, a watch all alone,
To love is to freefall, and freefall she won’t.

The body preserves the soul within,
Creeping and crawling, resisting a grin,
My conscious is warm now, it tells me to speak,
Holding torn hands in the land of the weak.
Look on up Jimmy, there’s nothing to fear,
It’s okay to be scared though, just don’t drop a tear,
People will hate you, they’ll tear you apart,
Then glue you back together, but minus the heart.

Kidnapped in the mirror again.
Mom won’t help, I shout within.
The naked truths, they twist and bend.
Fuck the world, it never ends.
Eyes go black cuz I can’t steer.
Cramp our world with sins and fear.
There they are, they’re here, they’re here.
Clutching red bibles on the edge of the pier.

Spokane, WA. 26 years young. Aquarius, of course. I am a very optimistic individual driven by passion and creativity. Music is my inspiration to everything. I dig the nightlife. I enjoy discovering new craft beers and breweries. I like animals more than humans. The ocean is amazing. I have no idea what I wanna do with my life and prolly never will. But I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can.
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